As I started closing in on the big 5-0 last year, I wanted to upgrade some of the serums and other supplemental solutions that would help me age gracefully. Luckily and gratefully, I intuitively started caring for my skin at an early age after, admittedly, spending way too much time in the tanning booth as a teenager. As I grew older I realized that s**t would come back to haunt me, so I dropped it like the bad habit it was and turned back to the natural sun (with SPF) and began a new religion that I lovingly call “Money Maker Management” — take care of that moneymaker; you never know where your smile will get ya <grin>.

When it comes to lotions, potions and serums, I love Dermstore™ and often read their blog, check out the reviews, and see what’s trending in medical spa products. The online retailer has some of the best medical-grade solutions available to the general market. Dermstore does a great job of sourcing, reviewing, and adding new skincare products, not all of which are necessarily available at your local brick-n-mortar store.

One of my favorite finds is the Neocutis brand (very Matrixy, yes?) which has several products for eyes, face, neck, and facial sun care products. I especially like the Bio-Serum. It is lightweight, smells great (as in hardly at all), and allows me to go bare face or use it under my daily makeup (non-COVID routine). It markedly changed the texture of the fine lines around my eyes and mouth. It just made my skin feel natural. 

Dermstore shoppers who have purchased the NEO product line rate it consistently with 4-star reviews or higher; most every product gets a 5-star. Pound for pound, the products are relatively on par with non-medical grade products in the same space and Dermstore often runs promotions and discount programs for regular subscribers.

But do not just take my word for it, independent reviews of the products are available by dermatology professionals . Check it out for yourself and if you decide to use it, let us know what you thought. It also comes in a very pretty seafoam bottle that looks like it came from that fancy day spa that we cannot afford. Display it proudly on your vanity. 

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