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Product Review: Honey Dipp Nails – Dipp Baby Dipp!

Finding a great nail salon is akin to having an incredible hairdresser. If you’ve got one, everyone wants to know where you go. Well, my manis and pedis belong to the ladies at Honey Dipp Nails in Carrollton, Texas, and I have never been happier, nor received more compliments, about my polish. Let me roll…Read More

Seeing You the Way I Do

About a year ago, I was sifting through the drafts of my Home Office book (which were conveniently spread across the floor) when I got an out-of-the-blue phone call. “Hallo!” I said to the caller at the other end. My friend bypassed the niceties, saying, “Are you at your computer?” “It’s writing season so that’s…Read More

Collagen, Schmollagen: An Amino Junkie’s Product Review

A couple of years ago, I got on the collagen bandwagon. As I approached fifty, I could feel my joints and muscles seizing up from years of athletic abuse and later-life laziness (cookies, movie binging, and weekend-warrior wine-drinking). It was time to get more proactive about my physical health and wellness. Mind you, I am…Read More

Product Review: Free Your Mind and let Neo Kiss Your Skin

As I started closing in on the big 5-0 last year, I wanted to upgrade some of the serums and other supplemental solutions that would help me age gracefully. Luckily and gratefully, I intuitively started caring for my skin at an early age after, admittedly, spending way too much time in the tanning booth as…Read More

Product Review: Hair I go again on my own….

I am a new member of COVID Hair Nation. I’ve joined the ranks of women (and some men) who have ventured into self-hair-care. Cue the Twilight Zone music, please. In all honesty, I am somewhat beholden to my hair-care professionals. Nearly 8 years with the same stylist and colorist, the thought of stepping into an…Read More

Product Review: DML Spencer Barnes

I have tech neck. The constant up and down bobble-head motion made to check my phone, my iPad, and my computer takes a toll on the muscles and joints in the neck. But it can also do a number on the appearance and the texture of the neck’s skin. Karmically speaking, I am probably set…Read More

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