Adventures with Aiden

As a pet parent and avid dog lover, it’s hard to suggest the idea of furry favoritism, but a favorite I do have. I first encountered Aiden on a bright sunny day at a local rescue meet and greet. We locked eyes, and then he put his paws on my shoulders and kissed my cheek….Read More

going home

Going Home

I don’t do it often—go home, that is. In truth, my home has been in Texas for nearly 35 years, and now I truly think of home like an old love: someone I used to know. My mother has been asking me to visit since the pandemic, and after she spent two weeks with me…Read More

Campus Quilt: Making Memories while Preserving Precious Moments

As a mom, I wanted to save every art project; every baby item; and every piece of sporting equipment, including the uniforms. After a stern discussion with myself (and 18 months into a pandemic), I finally decided that it was time to streamline my mementos. I had stacks of travel T-shirts, jerseys, and school-branded swag….Read More

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