As a mom, I wanted to save every art project; every baby item; and every piece of sporting equipment, including the uniforms. After a stern discussion with myself (and 18 months into a pandemic), I finally decided that it was time to streamline my mementos.

I had stacks of travel T-shirts, jerseys, and school-branded swag. My closet became a parking lot for abandoned memories. Luckily, years ago, I came across a truly great gem of a company located in Kentucky. Campus Quilt became my salvation, my lifeline, and one of my favorite ways to relive their childhood every day! Winning!

Years ago, I found Campus Quilt while i was searching for a special way to preserve my son’s high school memories so that he could take them to college without getting a lot of grief from his dorm mates. Enter the “Quiltresses” of “Campus.” Finding these talented seamstresses of quilt, I quickly gathered all of my son’s T-shirts, completed the forms and sent everything “up north” to be crafted into a labor of love. It was truly a thing of beauty, and ten years later, the quilt still looks brand new and the stitching is still firmly in place.

How does it work? You organize the T-shirts, choose backing and framing fabric colors, and the stitching style. I loved the fact that I could add an inscription, sewn into the reverse side of the quilt, to memorialize the gift. I was so happy with my quilt that I purchased several more over the course of the last decade. Campus Quilt was even able to transform four hand-painted Christmas sweatshirts into a decorative pillow.  I cannot wait to put it out this year.

However, earlier this year, I sent what I thought was going to be the challenge of a lifetime: turn my daughter’s cheerleading uniforms into a quilt. I wasn’t sure if they would even take it on, but in typical Campus Quilt fashion, GAME ON! When it arrived, my eyes welled up with tears. While my daughter admits that she absolutely hated cheerleading, it was the one thing that I was able to share with her as a child. I was over the moon that they were able to capture those special moments in quilt for me.

I am a big sucker for small business, and I truly appreciate when a company goes above and beyond to consistently deliver quality time after time. Campus Quilt is a one-of-a kind memory maker, and I will always be one of their greatest cheerleaders. The process is easy. The sales and support teams are phenomenal, and if there are ever any questions or clarification required, customers get an email asking for direction or approval prior to any cutting.

If you are looking for an unique gift that stands the test of time and brings years of nostalgic happiness, this is your sign!


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