Technology doesn’t have to be ugly. In fact, it can be down right sexy if given the right window dressing. Pop grips, covers, ear candy (buds), and colorful skins become your tech side kicks.

I’ve been carrying around personal technology since the days of the pager. Clunky, funky and hard on the eyes, most tech was covered with the equivalent of burlap for years. It truly was unfashionable to be women in tech and our constant communication companions echoed that.

However, as technology evolves, so do the stylish ways we can clothe it. Enter Chic Geeks. A swanky technology atelier of sorts, this sweet tech accessory hub supplies iTech owners with cases for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Ooh la la la. Want a matching set? You bet! Chic Geek has you covered with a variety of mix and match styles of bling.

Everything is first class from the customer service to the sassy packaging that comes fully loaded with beautiful, brilliantly colorful instructions – fully loaded with step by step pictures that don’t require a degree in doublespeak.

Fairly priced, slim yet sturdily designed, and light weight, the phone skins even allow you to wireless charge without having to shed its cover (somethings just shouldn’t be seen).

I love, love love my matching Orchid croc-style skins. My phone matches my iPad Pro and both are compatible with all of my existing tech stands, keyboards, etc. etc. Win, Win, Win and yes I (finally) win again. See for yourself. Check out Chic Geeks at