The mass majority of us work for and towards it. We  save all year round for it: the sweet escape of “SOMEWHERE ELSE!” or “ANYWHERE BUT HERE!” I’m talking about Travel. Go Dutch with us as we explore the paths less traveled all over this rock known as Planet Earth.

At each destination, we touch base with the most traveled sights and attractions and link up with area locals to find the true diamonds in the rough that they believe visitors should really want to see. These points of interest will range from cultural and historical interests (museums, art galleries, local hangout music scenes), restaurants and boutique eateries, shopping excursions, rest and relaxation spas, entertainment attractions, hole-in-the-wall secret wonders of the world and MOORE. We’ll also look at staycation options, exploring your own state, and traveling on a budget, and the mindful processes and protocols of traveling abroad and safe solo (DUTCH) traveling!

Shout outs and interviews with avid travelers and their advice in planning a trip and what makes a trip a success rather than a disaster. Dutch will interview travel agents and get expert traveler advice from globetrotters who have been there and done that! Gather round while we exchange stories of experiences and exposures with once-in-a-life-time opportunities that can only come from traveling.