It seems that 2020, which was supposed to be a major travel year for many people, ended up getting railroaded by COVID-19. (I had plans of visiting L.A., San Antonio, Austin, and New York just to name a few.) Since it arrived, we have been limited by our possible adventures and excursions. (Sorry Mom, maybe I will make it home for the holidays.) But just because we might be limited to our country, regions, and even our own states, I see a beautiful opportunity to really get to know the wonders of each of them. Once the U.S. gets back to a place of stability we feel, more than ever, that small local businesses will need all the help and support that we can possibly muster, and what better way than to look down the road less traveled in order to shine the limelight on some real diamonds in the rough within our own states and local communities? Over the next few weeks my mother and I will do some digging on what makes each of our states stand out from the rest. Mia will be taking the lead on all the hot spots of summer and the best places to cool off in the Lone Star State; addressing the why Texas smoke pits and houses reign the supreme kings in the BBQ community. She will exploit retail exploration of the bougie beauties of the bountiful boutiques and vintage shops that are no longer to be missed, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the plentiful things that Texas brings to the table. She’s threatening to go to Marfa…I’m throwing down the double dog dare stare.

While she does her adventures of Texas, I’ll be dishing out tasty pieces on the natural wonders of New Mexico (the Land of Enchantment) and how its natural mystical beauty of the high desert draws people to her with her unbeatable sunsets, mountain ranges, natural hiking trails, and waterfalls. As part of my New Mexican review, I will be looking at history, art, and culture that are all still prevalent and continue to shape how New Mexico evolves in this modern day. I will illustrate how our red Chimayo Chile and Hatch Green Chile are edible pieces of art and the many ways that our delectable restaurants showcase these native flavors. I will round it out by exploring the tiny towns whose local inhabitants contribute to maintaining the great natural state and embody the fighting spirit that keeps it that way.

What are some things you guys wish to see and know about these two states? If you live in these states shout out to which town you live in and why we should take a moment to come and explore it!?

Mae – Dutch Moore Traveling Tumbleweed

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