Cabin Fever officially won. My planned long weekend getaway might have been a bit prematurely scheduled. I really wanted to get out town for a while. Somewhere quiet, remote, and covered in water. Hot, hot, hot water.

Pagosa Springs Colorado: just the ticket! Pagosa is home to the Mother Spring aquifer, which at 1,002-feet deep is Guinness World Record certified as “The World’s Deepest.” Its mineral-rich waters fill the baths and spas at a number of nearby resorts and spas, which are open to the public.

With over two million acres of National Forest and the San Juan Mountains, Pagosa is an open opportunity to explore southwest Colorado year round with activities for every season: golf, river tubing, camping and hiking, boating and fishing, snow skiing, horseback riding, and my ultimate favorite, historic trains! The Cumbres and Toltec takes passengers on a scenic ride between Antoinito, Colorado and one of my favorite places, Chama, New Mexico.

Nearly 2,000 people call Pagosa Springs home, but they welcome visitors year-round to share in their splendor with only one rule: leave it as you found it. The town prides itself on keeping the landscape as natural and litter-free as possible.

Four days in the wilderness, soaking in hot springs while sipping on warm drinks, heating up from the inside and out. But as the weather turned cooler, the infection rates climbed higher, and after careful consideration, we decided that traveling out of state would just be irresponsible, regardless of whether all precautions would be taken or not.

I get it. I’ve been a huge proponent of the “Do the Right Thing 2020” movement: hand washing, mask wearing, disinfecting ninja on the prowl. I’ve got nothing but time, antibacterial slime, and gloves on my hands! Still, there is a small, quiet voice asking for help and wanting to be let out and set free — even if it’s only a temporary release. Playtime has been replaced with rinse and repeat productivity time. I should feel successful and accomplished from all of the things I’ve done this year. Instead, I feel restless, cooped up, and frankly, ready to escape. Who’s with me?

Being chained to the desk at home only turns a home into a prison, even if it is only a self-made illusion in my mind. If this year has taught me anything, it is the importance of time away. Time to decompress, rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy the company of others. I’ll just have to daydream a little longer, and maybe in the spring, we’ll all be able to free ourselves. I hope that Pagosa will keep the springs waiting for me.

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