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We would like to take a moment to get to know our followers and subscribers and to also provide a safe space to discuss any day to day issues or difficult times that they might be facing. Our hope is that we build and solidify a deeper and more genuine relationship with our followers to bridge gaps in understanding, empathy, and hopefully show that there may be a large number of other people going through similar struggles; dissipating any feelings of going through hard times alone.

Followers and subscribers can discuss a variety of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that they might be going through. They can choose to fill in as many boxes as they feel they need to fully discuss what they are experiencing.

At the bottom of the form are helpful guides to help subscribers use the space to express feelings that they are experiencing, but cannot seem to verbally describe, how to negate and redirect anxious thoughts and actions, mental and emotional grounding exercises, therapeutic writing prompts, and other exercises and activities to help develop self-esteem, healthy coping mechanisms, and more.

DISCLAIMER: The posted replies from Dutch and its associates are not supplied by trained, licensed, and or working professional Psychologists or Therapists. We always encourage seeking professionals as needed. We are common everyday people hoping to help others with similar troubles, experiences, and struggles. WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS IN THE MENTAL HEALTH FIELD.


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