Mia Moore takes the reader through her own self-discovery of returning home to work at the height of the pandemic and how sheltering-in-place restored her mind, body, and soul after years of professional burnout and personal neglect.

Employed as a risk and resiliency professional, Mia knows what it takes to be prepared for anything and understands the value of having a plan and working it. She explores the tactical actions she took to get her house, and herself, back in order during the pandemic while also taking personal accountability in letting her life fall apart due to over-functioning at work.

By establishing a dedicated workspace, new healthy routines, and boundaries, Mia resurrected her wellbeing, her passion for life and work, and began the pursuit of her independent business dreams.

Home @ Work sets the reader up for success while injecting tongue-in-cheek humor about how messy life, and homes, can get when we let things outside of our control, control us.

Mia details how to get started, gamify clean up activities, organize all the stuff and create repeatable, sustainable life habits to reduce the mess and stress of the work-life balance burden.

Readers can further their Home @ Work experience by purchasing the supplemental playbook companion for Mia’s online coaching course or contacting the author for 1:1 consultation.

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