By Mae

We are constantly surrounded by various advertisements for a “Better, Healthier, Sexier You!”, articles and products that will promise to get you in “The Best Shape of Your Life!” or promote dangerous processes that promise to lead you to “Lose those pesky 15lbs. in ONE WEEK!”.

But, upon closer examination, nope scrap that, let me just save you a lot of time, wasted money, and overall heart break. There is no miracle product that can actually do drastic changes for you in a short amount of time and prove to be effective and consistent for the long haul (and if they do they are more than likely trying to sell you on an addictive dream that always leads to a nightmare, or an illegal substance that causes you and your body harm beyond repair). How many times has each of us bought into one or many of these products with their grandiose promises and ended up disappointed that they did not work, or worse;  they worked but only for a short moment in time? I know I have, constantly. It brings me back to a place of disappointment, spiraling dissatisfaction, and overall debilitating discouragement.

The attractiveness of these types of products (among so many other reasons) is rooted in the desire to have a basic understanding of your own human body. But there are absolute requirements that are necessary for you to get you to a stable place of health, not only for your physical being but for your mental and emotional self as well. Your mindset, discipline, mindfulness to actively make healthier decisions for your individualized health and wellness is job one in getting happy with your health. Not everyone’s “healthiest self” looks the same, and even more importantly, the way we each arrive to our healthiest self can be as equally, if not more so, different. These “one size fits all” products do not account for our, even though basic and similar biology, huge differences in chemical and hormonal balance that we have.

Let’s take a look at a basic example: there may be a great deal of you who have seen advertisements for programs such as  “Victoria Secret Body Workouts” or something similar, and may have religiously done this specific workout for MONTHS and see little to no results. A main factor as to why is this: your natural body type does not match that of the specific natural body type of a VS model, therefore what works for their body might not work for yours.

I am one of those people who has tried it, failed, became discouraged, and overall quit working out because “it wasn’t working for me, so why try?”  It wasn’t until I sought out help from a nutritionist, personal trainers, and other health and wellness professionals did I realize that it was not a wonder that those products and workouts were not working for me – my body was not designed to benefit from them. What my body required of me, to see a significant difference and improvement in my physical being, was to work with heavier weights and adhere to an extremely specific diet and eating schedule.

My mind was blown, and sure enough as I started my new workout regimen and implemented an alternative diet and eating schedule, I started seeing results.

So if you’re attempting to start a new workout routine or get your diet on the right track, I highly recommend that you connect with a health, fitness, and wellness professional who may have the missing link of information that can help you transform into the next best version of you that your heart desires.

Mae – Dutch Moore Happiness Health Nut