Exploration of Our Own Spaces: Texas and New Mexico (separate travels in the year of COVID)

It seems that 2020, which was supposed to be a major travel year for many people, ended up getting railroaded by COVID-19. (I had plans of visiting L.A., San Antonio, Austin, and New York just to name a few.) Since it arrived, we have been limited by our possible adventures and excursions. (Sorry Mom, maybe…Read More

To Your Health & Happiness

By Mae We are constantly surrounded by various advertisements for a Better, Healthier, Sexier You!, articles and products that will promise to get you in The Best Shape of Your Life! or promote dangerous processes that promise to lead you to Lose Those Pesky 15 lbs. in ONE WEEK! But, upon closer examination, nope —…Read More

The Mindful Traveler according to Mae

By Mae Rymer What are the usual questions that most people ask when they travel somewhere new or out of the ordinary? I would imagine the usual things: When are we going? How long are we staying? How are we going to get there? Where are we staying? What are we going to do during…Read More

Basic Workout Vocabulary

By Mae Rymer Anyone who has at least a couple of gym-rat friends knows how funny it is to hear them talk gym-shop in front of others. If you don’t know what I am referring to, “let me paint you an image; it’s a cliché, but it’s an image”- Robin Williams, The Birdcage [Insert Gym-Bro…Read More

Health, Fitness, Wellness

By Mae Rymer First, let me start off by saying I am NOT in any way shape or form a health and fitness professional and utilizing practicing professionals within the health and fitness community is a great way to help improve your overall life and is always highly recommended! The health and well-being blog at…Read More

Travel to New Mexico- The Land of Enchantment- An introductory

By Mae Rymer I had been coming up to Santa Fe, New Mexico for years with my mother and brother. We would usually come during spring break in Texas when there was still snow on the ground. I have loved New Mexico ever since I could remember. The majority of the buildings are made out…Read More

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