The Price of Working from Home

I recently noticed all the new articles and studies on the work-from-home phenomenon. I chuckled because I’ve been working from home, on and off, for the past twenty-ish years. The news cycle acts as if COVID-19 was the spark of a new era: remote worker. In reality, consultants and other traveling road warriors (such as…Read More

Voyaging on the Vonlane

Earlier this year in March, I had the opportunity to finally test ride a travel service I’ve been wanting to use for some time. My friend Jimmy and I reunited for a second trip together for a conference. He’s one of my favorite traveling coworkers—he knows how much time is too much and is more…Read More

Adventures with Aiden

As a pet parent and avid dog lover, it’s hard to suggest the idea of furry favoritism, but a favorite I do have. I first encountered Aiden on a bright sunny day at a local rescue meet and greet. We locked eyes, and then he put his paws on my shoulders and kissed my cheek….Read More

Home Office Reboot

The floors are done and the furniture is moved into place. Last week, I got lucky: the electrician was available to install the twelve USB outlets in the upstairs suite, including the home office. Giddy with excitement, I began moving things back into place and plugging in the plethora of electrical assets required to keep…Read More

going home

Going Home

I don’t do it often—go home, that is. In truth, my home has been in Texas for nearly 35 years, and now I truly think of home like an old love: someone I used to know. My mother has been asking me to visit since the pandemic, and after she spent two weeks with me…Read More

productive at home

Productive @Home

The latest headlines about employee productivity while working from home paint a dismal picture of just how little the workforce achieves when in their home offices. However, any department leader or executive who pays attention, the work in office is often far less productive than at home. Why? One word: people. When in large groups,…Read More

While You Wait to Date

In a recent article, I talked about the joy of being single, if only for a season. Singlehood can be a very productive time to deal, heal, and get real about the behaviors, the people, and the events which repeatedly prevent growth, do us harm, and steal our peace. I decided to laser focus on…Read More

Spiritual Peace Leads to Physical Healing

The power of the mind and body is surpassed by their only competition, the spirit. We often hear ”mind over matter” or “as you think you become.” “Physician, heal thyself” is not just a catchy phrase, but a call to people to have faith and lean into their spiritual beliefs to generate and promote self-healing….Read More

Stuck in a Rut

Ever feel as though you can’t get unstuck? Yep, that’s where I was this spring. A million thoughts, ideas, and to-do items on my list without a cohesive strategy, action plan, or timeline. In short, I was simply too “mind” tired to give a damn about doing any of it. I’ve been on a building…Read More

Home @ Work Pivot

With all the negative press that the Return to Office (RTO) craze is getting, white-collar professionals are reluctantly gassing up their cars, picking up their dry cleaning, and returning to the daily grind of going to work. Even the rebranded hybrid model is losing its shiny label of “compassionate compromise” to expose itself for what…Read More

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