Calling or Career

With corporate America still grappling to reclaim its footing in a post-pandemic return to the office world, people are spending more time and energy contemplating their purpose and the passions that fuel them. No longer willing to accept blanket job offers with standardized terms and conditions, the American worker is negotiating new agreements, ones that…Read More

Working for a Living

The fight for Work-from-Home privileges vs. Return-to-Office (RTO) mandates continues to rage and ravage the employment landscape. Workers are weighing the pros and cons of taking more pay to go into an office full time or in a hybrid flex model or find a way to balance the loss of income with the reduction of…Read More

Transitioning Back to a Home Office

Eighteen months ago, I made the decision to leave my comfort zone and go back into a hybrid work arrangement. Thinking I could handle it after two years of isolation at home during the pandemic, I gleefully decided to take a position that would push me further into my chosen day-job career and give me…Read More

Home @ Work: Staying Relevant

Remote work is not a new trend, regardless of how COVID ushered in the new flavor of working from home. Consultants, IT-ers, and entrepreneurs have worked remotely from home for decades without drama or the threat of returning to an office. Why then are corporations suddenly suggesting that now remote work has never worked, won’t…Read More

The Price of Working from Home

I recently noticed all the new articles and studies on the work-from-home phenomenon. I chuckled because I’ve been working from home, on and off, for the past twenty-ish years. The news cycle acts as if COVID-19 was the spark of a new era: remote worker. In reality, consultants and other traveling road warriors (such as…Read More

Home Office Reboot

The floors are done and the furniture is moved into place. Last week, I got lucky: the electrician was available to install the twelve USB outlets in the upstairs suite, including the home office. Giddy with excitement, I began moving things back into place and plugging in the plethora of electrical assets required to keep…Read More

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