It’s been several years since I’ve been to Houston. Last week, I got a last-minute opportunity to return for a brief visit. A day trip for work took me to the Post Oak area of the city, in one of its two downtowns. Yes, two.  Houston is stretched out to cover the two distinct business…Read More

Solo Travels

I recently traveled to Pittsburgh, PA on business and realized how seldom I travel solo anymore. For almost a decade, I traveled alone regularly. Now mind you, I didn’t often venture too far. Except for a solo trip to Canada, all my ventures were domestic travel. Obviously, the pandemic changed the traveling landscape for a…Read More

Voyaging on the Vonlane

Earlier this year in March, I had the opportunity to finally test ride a travel service I’ve been wanting to use for some time. My friend Jimmy and I reunited for a second trip together for a conference. He’s one of my favorite traveling coworkers—he knows how much time is too much and is more…Read More

Travel: Colorado

Air travel has recently received a lot of negative press and attention. Cancellations, delays, and midair confrontations between passengers and crew have certainly dissuaded travelers from taking to the skies. Last month, I decided to venture back out into the world via the skyways after two years of sticking to over-the-road motor travel. My flight…Read More

Stockyards Shorty

Since my decision to make plans to move to Fort Worth, I have been spending more time in the aptly named FunkyTown. Forth Worth may be known for its rich cowboy history culture, but it also has an eclectic melting pot of live-and-let-us-live-as-friends attitude. The city’s resounding theme is authenticity. Fort Worthians are some of…Read More

Surfing the Sands of time in White Sands, New Mexico

It is reasonable to believe that most people have a “bucket list.” I have a (loose) bucket list of places that I want to visit and things that I want to (attempt to) do before I transition into the next life. Who knows? Maybe that life will be far more adventurous than this one, but…Read More

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