Stockyards Shorty

Since my decision to make plans to move to Fort Worth, I have been spending more time in the aptly named FunkyTown. Forth Worth may be known for its rich cowboy history culture, but it also has an eclectic melting pot of live-and-let-us-live-as-friends attitude. The city’s resounding theme is authenticity. Fort Worthians are some of…Read More

Travel Bug…SPLAT

Cabin Fever officially won. My planned long weekend getaway might have been a bit prematurely scheduled. I really wanted to get out town for a while. Somewhere quiet, remote, and covered in water. Hot, hot, hot water. Pagosa Springs Colorado: just the ticket! Pagosa is home to the Mother Spring aquifer, which at 1,002-feet deep…Read More

Exploration of Our Own Spaces: Texas and New Mexico (separate travels in the year of COVID)

It seems that 2020, which was supposed to be a major travel year for many people, ended up getting railroaded by COVID-19. (I had plans of visiting L.A., San Antonio, Austin, and New York just to name a few.) Since it arrived, we have been limited by our possible adventures and excursions. (Sorry Mom, maybe…Read More

The Mindful Traveler according to Mae

By Mae Rymer What are the usual questions that most people ask when they travel somewhere new or out of the ordinary? I would imagine the usual things: When are we going? How long are we staying? How are we going to get there? Where are we staying? What are we going to do during…Read More

A Little Pop of Color – Giddy Up…

As I drove back home to Dallas from my Lakes of the Ozark adventure with my friend Sherri from @shortyoutfront, I decided to open up my mobile podcast app and record a few notes. We had so much fun in such a short period of time, and I wanted to get some of the antics…Read More

Anywhere But Here! Mae Weighs In

The mass majority of us work for and towards it. We  save all year round for it: the sweet escape of SOMEWHERE ELSE or ANYWHERE BUT HERE. I’m talking about travel. Go Dutch with us as we explore the paths less traveled all over this rock known as Planet Earth. At each destination, we touch…Read More

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