The Healing Nature of Laughter

Who doesn’t like to laugh?  Laughter creates a natural release of tension, stress and toxins.  When we laugh, our body and spirit merge together in a blissful state of happiness. I love to laugh.  Much to my roomie’s chagrin, I laugh out loud with a howling cackle that rivals that of a coven of witches…Read More

Return from a (unscheduled) Break

And we’re back! It wasn’t planned. It, well, just happened. We were on a roll; moving right along and then we hit..a…wall. (Mae is awkwardly avoiding my pleas to help a Madre out and write something…anything…even in crayon..) Writer’s Block..yes, it’s really a thing. It happens to all writers (or so I’m told) at some…Read More

A Return to the kid in my head and in my heart.

With so many things off limits to us (thank you COVID-19), we’ve all had to get a little more creative with our extracurricular activities. OK, get your head out of the gutter, I’m talking about good clean fun here. Keep it in the circus, would ya? As I was saying, the monotony of the shelter-at-home…Read More