Meowolf: Art and Culture

Immersive art experiences are the latest creative craze flooding the entertainment marketplace. The opportunity to surround oneself with life-sized creations allows us to forget our woes, albeit temporarily, and sink into a wonderland of amazement. Since the world reopened after months (or in some cases, years) of isolated hermit mode, the art scene is making…Read More

Movie Review: Sound of Freedom

For months now, I’ve been waiting for the release of Angel Studios movie Sound of Freedom, which explores one man’s story about the depths of human trafficking. Not a warm fuzzy heart feeling flick to be certain but one I truly believed I needed to see. The film deals with the delicate topic of child…Read More

Shop Small at Plano Antique Mall

Located in an unassuming strip mall directly across the street from Prestonwood Baptist Church on Midway Road in Plano, Texas, a new competitor in the ever-blossoming small business marketplace is emerging. The Plano Antique Mall (PAM), which originally resided on Highway 75, is changing the way that home and haven purchases are made. As the…Read More

Hard Rock

First Love

So sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with you lately. I’ve been a bit distracted. In truth, I was spending time with an old love. Some of you may know what it is like to reconnect with your first love. Initially awkward, you stumble to find the words that you want to use. Your…Read More

A Return to Kindness

I looked forward to this event all year. Originally scheduled for the summer of 2021, The Kindness Duck Project finally landed in Fort Worth in October: a newly launched initiative aimed at bringing back kindness with the help of a six-story duck. Founded earlier this year (2021) by Executive Director Kyle Warren who has a…Read More

Product Review: Mutts, Grub, & Cantina Cool — A Dog’s Hooman Dreams

Before I can even think about relocating to Fort Worth, there are a number of canine checklist items that must be crossed off to secure the three-paw vote that I need to schedule a moving van. The boys, Aiden, Jude, and Lyncoln, have requirements. As board members of the Texas Husky Sibe Tribe, they mean…Read More

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