The healing journey is almost complete. Over the past 18 months, I have purposely closed off to people, places, and things that are not aligned with my higher good or evolving self.

I know what you may be thinking. How arrogant. Who are you to cut off people? I’m a better version of me; that is who I am. See, there comes a time in our lives when we have to get off the wheel of BS. Some of us attract people, jobs, or shiny objects that only serve to drag us down, hold us back, or make us question ourselves, our abilities, and our right to shine. These things can cause us to behave in ways that are outside of our normal character and often lead us into tempting yet dangerous liaisons that can cause us to lose jobs, relationships, health, and wealth. Face it, sometimes the Universe has to smack us with negative blowback for us to realize that something or someone was just, well, not good for us.

As an empath, I try to be understanding, sympathetic, and of course, empathetic to others, their plight, and their BS.  But if we always give to others, who may use, not want, or accept it, then we rob ourselves of the best lives that we can give to someone who truly wants, understands, and values our gifts.

When people in your life talk down to you, cheat you, or cheat on you, use you, steal from you (or let others get away with bad behavior against you), they are saying that they do not love you, respect you, or value you. Regardless of what their mouth(s) say, their actions and behaviors tell us the real story. We cannot expect others to reflect our own convictions and values back to us. Rather, we can seek out others who already mirror us.

Unfortunately, I have experienced some very rude awakenings over the past three years and halfway through this journey, I realized that I was allowing people to emotionally manipulate and abuse me because I wanted to help them see what I saw in them. Sadly, my heart was broken and my faith in people — and if I’m honest, in God — was tarnished. I wept. Not just for me but for those who inflicted this pain. To hurt someone who loves, prays, and lifts up others is really a self-destructive karmic lesson for the individual wielding the weapon of deception.

But something amazing started to happen earlier this year as I finally began to let go of one of the last negative attachments that I was desperately trying to protect. Friends and colleagues from my past and new acquaintances, business partners, and new relationship interests are pouring into my life. These are the people who reciprocate support, love, friendship, and respect. No drama. No hate speech. No lying, cheating, stealing, or projecting. Simply natural, healthy, loving interaction that say, “I love and support you – so let’s go have fun together!” The abundance has started to overflow into my life, and I look back and say “What was I thinking?,” “That person never really loved me,” “That situation/job/etc. was not what I thought it would be.” It’s a return to self that I never imagined. A decision point that tells me that while my heart and intentions were in the right place, those on the receiving end of my time, attention, labor and affection were not. You cannot make people open up to being loved.

My year-end hope for you is that you either already have, or are on the path to find and hold this type of peace and love in your life. Once you let go of the negativity and those who enjoy living in it, you will realize that it is time to move on from that dark place and step into the sunlight. I so very much love the brightness of it all.

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