flooredIt’s amazing what new flooring can do for a room (or two). About three weeks ago, the new flooring for my home office and guest suite was installed. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and the service that came along with it.

Originally, I wanted to install hardwood to upgrade the look and feel of the rooms. However, the price tag was not aligned with the practical use case. My home office will get a lot of foot traffic; pulling triple duty as a part-time day-job landing spot, primary assembly, warehouse, and pricing station for the shop, and lastly, a short-term overnight place for visitors to sleep.

My go-to flooring provider, Draper Floors, once again delivered a high-quality, functional, beautiful product that remarkably looks as real as the wood floors in my master bedroom. The best part is the cost: approximately 20% of the price of real wood.

The win-win is I get the look and beauty of wood but the function and low maintenance of tile. No more shampooing, carpet cleaning, or endless stain removal (or disguising), nor will I need to polish, refinish, or restore hardwoods to keep them looking new. Instead, a quick dust mop followed by a wet mop to pick up sticky coffee drips or workday treat crumbs will do the trick.

Smooth surfaces allow me to glide across the room in my office chair while providing a sturdy foundation to stack and store product, boxes, and material samples without worrying about whether I’ll ruin the carpet by leaving indentions or marks behind. Unlike faux products of the past, the latest wood replica floors are sturdy, water resistant (resilient) and very rich-looking.

Replicating the same look in the guest bedroom extends and unifies the flooring upstairs, allowing me to use this second room as a part-time storage space for seasonal products when otherwise not in use by visitors.

The whole process took less than one business day. That’s right, roughly 4.5 hours after they arrived, my flooring experts cleaned up, mopped the floors, and packed up for their next customer.  I could not believe it.  Truly, I thought the effort would be a noisy two-day experience, but in typical Draper fashion, the installers blew me away with their professional craftsmanship and service excellence.

What’s the big deal about new floors? Like anything else, the foundation of a room anchors the rest of the space. Having a firm base gives you a safe and beautiful pallet to build your functional workspace.

Can’t make this type of investment right now but want to change it up and create some dedicated floor space in your home-based workplace? Try using some of those newfangled temporary tiles, an area rug, or just run naked with it: remove the carpet to expose the concrete and either paint it or leave it as-is to leverage its inherent natural industrial look.

Getting comfortable working at home starts with creating a functional, aesthetically pleasing space that you want to use. Start from the ground up and trust the process as you build a foundation that will floor you.


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