Overdoing Leads to Being Over Done

I’m not going to lie to you.  I tend to overdo most things.  O.k. maybe not most things but a lot of things that shouldn’t be overdone. Take exercise for starters.  During the height of the pandemic last year, I went all in.  Six days a week I was in two-a-day-mode. Hot yoga in the…Read More

Collagen, Schmollagen – An Amino Junky’s Review

A couple of years ago, I got on the Collagen bandwagon. As I approached 50, I could feel my joints and muscles seize up from years of athletic abuse and later life laziness (read cookies, movie bingeing, and weekend warrior wine). It was time to get more proactive about my physical health and wellness. Now,…Read More

A Christmas to Remember

COVID Christmas 2020. The year came in as a lion and we are all hoping that it quietly slips out like a lamb. But wishing away this year of isolation, sadness and loss would also mean washing away all of the lessons, contemplation and reflection of ourselves that accompanied it. This past year was a…Read More

Travel Bug…SPLAT

Cabin Fever officially won. My planned long weekend get away might have been a bit prematurely scheduled. I really wanted to get out town for awhile. Somewhere quiet, remote and covered in water. Hot, hot, hot water. Pagosa Springs Colorado – just the ticket! Pagosa is home to the Mother Spring aquifer which at 1002…Read More