A Return to Kindness

I looked forward to this event all year.  Originally scheduled for the summer of 2021, The Kindness Duck Project finally landed in Fort Worth in October.   A newly launched initiative aimed at bringing back kindness with the help of a six story duck. Founded earlier this year (2021) by Executive Director Kyle Warren who…Read More

Stockyards Shorty

Since my decision to make plans to move to Fort Worth, I have been spending more time in the aptly named FunkyTown.  Forth Worth may be known for its rich Cowboy history culture but it also has an eclectic melting pot of live and let us live as friends attitude.  The city’s resounding theme is…Read More

A Little Pop of Color – Giddy Up…

As I drove back home to Dallas from my Lakes of the Ozark “adventure” with my friend Sherri from @shortyoutfront, I decided to open up my mobile podcast app and record a few notes.  We had so much fun in such a short period of time and I wanted to get some of the antics…Read More

Mutts, Grub & Cantina Cool – A Dog’s Hooman Dreams

Before I can even think about relocating to Fort Worth, there are a number of canine check list items that must be crossed off to secure the three-paw vote that I need to schedule a moving van. The boys, Aiden, Jude and Lyncoln, have requirements.  As board members of the Texas Husky Sibe Tribe, they…Read More