Happy New Year!

I hope 2023 finds you well and ramping up your prosperity in this new year.  For me, 2022 was a blur of activity and inner reflection of healing, self-discovery, and a quest to return to who I really am and who I am meant to be(come).  A slow, yet, scenic ride.

Purposefully, I chose to spend significant time alone, building, rebuilding and renewing friendships while working hard on myself.  Some friendships and partnerships, unfortunately, needed to be left behind, others continue to be cultivated, and some were renewed and transformed into something brand new.  I am truly grateful to the friends and extended (chosen) family who continue to be there for me and mine in my life journey.

Last year, I made a huge leap and chose to make a big change in my “day job” professional life and went back to a hybrid work environment.  While it was absolutely the right decision for me after two years at home during the pandemic, I was forced to put some of my personal ambitions aside to focus on ramping up on my new responsibilities.  Of course, many of my home-based office projects went to the back burner as I juggled the developing business, teaching and a brand new job.

However, late last fall, my intuition starting to poke me; the time had come to pivot back to the outstanding to do list at home.  Once again, I started to dream in colorful patterns, fabrics and texture.  I longed to revitalize dark empty spaces. To satisfy these divine downloads, I repainted two more bathrooms (master bath was revamped eight months ago), and recently started to refresh the paint in the upstairs bedrooms.  I forgot how much joy and energy I receive, notice I did not say give, from design and renovation projects. This is just the restart I needed to complete the upgrades to my current home before my planned relocation to Fort Worth.

When I first purchased my home 15+ years ago, I was filled with hope, inspiration and satisfaction every time I selected, implemented, and completed a space.   I enjoyed this so much that I purchased a second (investment) home to upgrade, lease, and eventually sell at an incredible profit margin. It gave me such enjoyment. However, my then partner was resentful of my constant need to upgrade, improve, and change up living spaces; so much so that I eventually fell out of love with it all.

Only recently did I realize this “need” was most likely truly part of my calling, my next phase of growth, and the resentment it garnished, was not my problem. (Haters; hard left).   While I haven’t yet pulled together the whole puzzle, I am picking up the pieces, starting with my own home; putting my renovation spirits back into gear.   I’m figuring out how this undying need to create and recreate is also tied to a healthy balance of Work and Home coupled with my antique and artisan retail ambition.  What will it all yield?  I have no idea.

What I do know, is that it’s going to take some elbow grease, patience and a helluva lot of paint! (Currently, I’m wearing some in my hair as I write).  But what it doesn’t need is criticism or perfection. Trust I will make some mistakes along the way, but, I will share them here with you so we can laugh and learn together!  Why don’t you come along with me as I journey to the hardware store, the mill, discount outlets and refurb shops, and work with my contractors to pull it altogether.

A new type of Home @ Work; prepping the living space to make room for comfort, productivity, and serenity. Some DIY, sprinkled with many PROs, and a whole lot of CYA; that’s cover your assets (when painting).  I’ll keep you posted here, in the Work Blog Category as things unfold.

How did paint get there? Oh crap….

Ciao for now ~