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Dipp baby, dip!

Finding a great nail salon is akin to having an incredible hairdresser. If you’ve got one, everyone wants to know where you go. Well, my manis and pedis belong to the ladies at Honey Dipp Nails in Carrollton, Texas, and I have never been happier, nor received more compliments, about my polish.

Let me roll back a few months. After salon hopping for about a year, I had found a small-business nail salon located in the neighborhood behind my house. Loved it! Six months later, Grace, the owner, called me to say that she needed to close due to inflation and larger competitors up the road (who, by the way, charge twice as much and last half as long).

I’ve been driving by Honey’s place since she opened during the pandemic in 2021. Early, every morning, I drove past her shop on the way to yoga. Now I had a reason to get out of the car and go into the salon. I had a lot of questions, and Ms. Savannah, aka, Client Advocate and Front Desk Diva, answered them all, adding that I would get a first timer’s discount. Booked and sold!

Laura (Honey) Prince has her own Dipp formula and a highly professional approach to nail health. As a nurse, Honey’s first and foremost concern for her customers is health and cleanliness. Inspired to open her own salon after a subpar experience at a local chain, Honey chose to incorporate her high standards in hygiene into her process. Every station and chair is continuously cleaned and sanitized; no debris left behind.

Honey Dipp colors are stronger and last longer than any powder-based nextgen dip on the market. With traditional dip and gel, clients typically only get 2-3 weeks of strength and shine before it’s time to repolish. However, I average nearly four weeks or longer between appointments, including my tootsies (which, for the record, are painted with traditional polish—no gel or powder). The hues are beautiful and the finish is “polished.” Never have I had to go back in for a touch-up because I flubbed them getting into the car.

The client experience is one of familiarity, truly a community feel. Everyone is welcome and the team knows the regulars when we walk through the door. Clients and staff chat about current events, Hollywood gossip, local down-low, and if I’m honest, we often go a bit offroad and reach out to my own number-one son for the 4-1-1 on the latest Urban Dictionary lingo. I quote “This does not feel like appropriate nail-salon chatter, Madre”…Mind your business, boy, and tell me what the damned word means!

Love, laughter, respect, and common ground are what clients will find at Honey’s place, and the value is just incredible. Personally, I did the math and the cost of twelve upscale sessions per year with Honey cost less than the fifteen to sixteen average middle-of-the-road annual appointments (not counting uh-oh redos and breakage repairs) at the local chain or other neighborhood start-up salons. Talk about winning! (Authors Note: Haven’t broken a nail since I’ve been to Honey’s, not one.)

Honey’s social; you can find her on the web, Facebook, and Instagram; just go to and look for all the social media buttons for your links or refer to Dr. Google’s search engine. Regardless of whether you live near or far, do yourself a solid and get on Honey’s books at least once. While you’re there, pick up a branded T, handcrafted blends of lotions, potions, and hand-scrub formulas to keep your digits back-scratching hot. You know what I’m talking about. ?

Ciao Honey,


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